Syrah du monde medal 23

The Meister named in "World's Top 10 Shiraz Wines"

The new vintage release, 2021 The Meister Eden Valley Shiraz, was just named in the World's Top 10 Shiraz wines at the 17th International Shiraz Competition, Syrah du Monde, held in Ampuis, France; the largest international Shiraz competition where 241 Shiraz wines from over 20 different countries are tasted.

Both the 2021 The Meister Shiraz & the recently released 2021 Black Sash Shiraz were awarded Gold Medals at three prestigious wine competitions - 2023 Syrah du Monde, 2023 International Wine Competition London & 2023 Concours des Vins, where wines were blind tasted and judged against wines from across the globe.

View the result on the Syrah du Monde website

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